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Alan's (My) MKIII Capri 2.0'S'
My MKIII Cardinal Red 2.0'S' is lowered and features a rear 'Turbo Tail' and stainless steel exhaust - the 'look' is completed with a set of RS 7-spoke 15 inch alloys fitted with Bridgestone 195/50x15 tyres.
The black Recaro fish-net  interior is actually from my 3.0'S' VOO 360W (known by many members from the '90's Capri show scene) ... so too is the 3-spoke RS steering wheel.

Many thanks to Russ Harris for the 2.0 Pinto engine and to the members who helped fit it in October 2013 - "THANK YOU!"

In May 2014 a Mondeo rolled backwards into A38 ERB causing considerable front-end damage. However it turned out to be a 'blessing in disguise' because the badly damaged front panel and wings were actually in need or repair anyway.
In Sep/Oct 2014 the repair work was completed and along with a new front bumper, inner wing rails and a LOT of welding and fabrication of the A-pillars and sill ends, A38 had a new front-end !  The slide show above includes shots of the 2014 repair work.

As you will also see from the slide-show, A38 ERB is used all-year-round ... in the snow too !