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Andy's MKI Capris:

1972 Peri Peri Red MKI Perana V8
Imported from South Africa in August 2022 this stunning MKI Capri has just hit the show scene. Pictured at Sywell Aerodrome in September 2022 and then at Meguiar's HQ, Daventry in January 2023. Watch out for this beast at the NEC Classic Motor Show in November 2023.

1972 Brown MKI 1700GT XL

Andy Waddell is the current owner of globe-trotting FRA 825L - a left hand drive 1972 MKI 1700GT XL Brown Capri.
Complete with US specification side-repeaters and those Rostyle wheels (some shots show the MKI with Alleycat alloys too), this MKI stands out from the crowd as soon as you see it.
The history behind this MKI is fascinating.
This Capri travelled the world: When the owner moved - the MKI Capri went too!
Manufactured in 1972, this Capri was first registered in Berlin, Germany.
In 1973 the owner imported the Capri into the UK.
From 1973 through to 1979 the car was registered in Nottingham.

In Autumn 1979 the Capri was re-imported into Germany.

In August 1980 the Capri was flown by 'air freight' from Frankfurt via pan Am Airlines to New York, USA. It stayed in New York until 1986.
In 1986, the owner moved back to Germany. the MKI followed 3 weeks later in a shipping container into the German sea port of Bremerhaven. From Bremerhaven, the Capri was driven to Berlin where it was registered.

In 1989 the MKI was on the move again. This time for a seven year holiday in Almeria, Spain with the owner.

the MKI returned to the UK in the Spring of 1996. The owner brought the Capri back home to Ruddington, Nottingham. The original lady owner sold the MKI to Andy in 2016 and has since attended events such as the Lancaster Bomber photo shoot in April and is booked to be at the NEC Classic Motor Show in November 2016.

Interesting facts:
V4 engine

Original purchase price: DM10,720.00

Flown Frankfurt to New York due to the owner's husband being an executive of Pan Am Airline at the time.

Andy has all the original receipts, transportation and Customs documents still on file. There is plenty more information available in the old documents - but they are all in 'German' !