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Ben's MKI Restoration Project
So I decided that I would probably want to own a classic as my first car. Something to be proud of. But most importantly, to learn about older motors.

But which car should it be ?
A sports car of course. But something with a fairly economical engine, and at a reasonable price for parts and insurance. As it turned out, a Capri fitted into all those categories, so the search began.
After a while, a car came up. UFH 9G a 1300XL from  1969 (pictured above in the garage before I owned it). It was reasonably solid on the chassis and it was 'sound' mechanically, but the body needed some work.

So it began.
A space was cleared in the garage next to the Triumph. The original plan was to get the Capri on the road as a 'rolling restoration'. But after discovering more rust and 'bodges' it became  clear that more work was needed. The joints were covered in black silicone to look like panel seal but instead of rust protection it collected water and made more rust and instead of welds - foil tape and fibreglass were in place. As it tuned out, the engine that was in the car was a later 1300GT block and many parts were non standard or missing. On top of this there was the labour time I already had in the car. So when it came to a choice of original or mild custom I didn't really want to invest any more money into what would purely be a show car rather than save on one I could use as a daily driver.

When the car got to a point where it had a wing off, no interior and very little paint left all of the decisions had been made. The car would be painted VISTA ORANGE and it would feature a larger 1600GT engine (a donation) alongside some GTXLR specification extras as well as the recent addition of Lotus Cortina wheels and wider tyres.

At the  moment the car is in the process of being welded. It is completely stripped of parts which are being stored in the upstairs of the garage and there are even some in my bedroom! There are still some parts that I am searching for and any help, advice, questions or even parts that you have for sale please contact me (Ben) on 0794 7899304 via text or via email at bjlloyd444@gmail.com

List of parts on my 'Wish list':

Rear boot spoiler
6-Clock dash for 4-cyl Capri
Seat belts
Centre console panels
GTXLR Gear knob
Rear window louvre
Wing mirror glass
Heated rear window switch