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Chris Hayward and his Capri's!

Not had as many as some but quite a lot by my standards.

In order:

1.6LS   CPO 773W Tuscan Beige

3.0 Ghia Manual   GJU 579N (no Power steering on this one!) Miami Blue

2.0 Ghia   OEG 780X Forest Green

2.8i 5 speed YRB 788Y Caspian Blue

3.0 Ghia auto   HOE 970W White

3.0 Ghia auto   HON 388W Forest Green

2.0 Laser  D652 OWG Diamond White

2.8i 5 speed   A520 ERA Glacier Blue

2.8i 4 speed   GLG 516X Graphite Grey over Silver

3.0 Ghia auto   JOM 600W Crystal Green

1.6 GT   XNN 293M Sebring Red

3.0 Ghia auto   SRN 222T Gold

1.6L   PAF 413Y (broken for spares)

3.0 Ghia auto   LAU 666W Strato Silver

3.0 Ghia manual   TUD 250X Crystal Green. Became an S replica.

2.8i 4 speed   ALN 675Y Titan Blue

1.6S Mk 2 XVL 262S Jupiter Red