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Paul Sensicall's black MKII 2.0 litre 'Midnight' (JPS) Capri
"Bangers & Cash" fame

KPT 794N is Paul's current 'show' car and has a TV claim-to-fame!
This Capri went up for auction in 2019 at Mathewsons in Pickering and that can only mean one thing > "Bangers & Cash"
The bidding was tight, but Paul stuck with it and bought this MKII for £7900.00. There was work to be done. A misfire and a lack of brakes (notice how Paul put a rockery stone under the rear wheel for this first photo on the slideshow) had to be sorted out.
A few months after the auction, KPT 794N flew through the MOT.

Paul agree that the 'Bangers & Cash' TV crew could film him after the auction for his comments about the car, but Covid and Lockdown delayed everything until July 2020. The episode of Bangers & Cash was finally screen on December 17th, 2020. Paul commented that compared to a modern car, the MKII Capri with leaf spring suspension did feel "a bit agricultural"!

November 2023
Paul's MKII was part of the Capri Club International stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show 'Bangers & Cash' themed part of the stand!