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Craig's MKII 1975 multi-coloured 3000GT
I am sure that Craig won't mind me describing his Capri as an eclectic mix of panels and parts!  as you can see from the photos it is 'unique' and attracts quite a 'Marmite' reaction amongst Capri enthusiats and show visitors. Some people say "when are you restoring it?" ... some say "I love it just the way it is."

Craig's Capri to it's credit has featured on the front cover of a Capri Club International magazine, been on the Club stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show ('Are we there yet?' 2017 themed display) and even Mike Brewer sat on the bonnet at the Ford Warley Capri 50 Years celebration day in July 2019 !

Craig's MKII was back at the NEC in 2021 as part of the Capri Club International display. This time in full 'holiday' mode with luggage on the roof, surrounded by sand, buckets and spades and a stunning model (Sophie) on the bonnet for the theme of 'The Journey Continues' - Craig's Capri carrying-on where it left off in 2017 with it's journey down to the English Riviera (Torbay).

Another claim to fame has been Sarah Crabtree doing star-jumps on his MKII Capri bonnet at our Wonderland Classic & Sports Car Festival in June 2022.  BUT - only hours later, Craig's MKII came to a spectacular end (for now anyway) - buried deep in the bushes and trees on a sharpbend on a country lane on the way home. Watch this space to see what happens next >

Craig's MKIII C reg Lacquer Red Laser
Craig's other Capri (one that's on the road anyway) is a Lacquer Red MKIIi Laser with rear Turbotail and again a variety of coloured panels and evr0changing wheel combinations.

Craig does have many other Capri's - but not complete ones. He's the ideal contact for spares!