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Adrian's MKI 1700GT XL Romanian Capri
Adrian is from Romania and a life-long 'Capri fan'. Adrian's Capri is a 1969 MKI 1700GT XL (German Edition). The original colour of the car was Beige/Brown but it was re-sprayed Black in 2001 and then again in 2014. Apart from the colour change, the other modifications have been the refurbished interior.

This MKI was purchased by Adrian back in 2015 from one of the best-known classic car collectors in Romania. At the moment, this Capri is stored in Adrian's parents house in south west Romania in the picturesque town of Orsova on the banks of the Danube River.

Adrian has displayed this MKI in several RetroMobil Club Romania parades such as the one pictured (first photo on the slideshow) in the town of Petrosani. (Check out the line of Trabants parked alongside Adrian's Capri!)

This Capri was once owned by a famous Romanian singer - Sorin Brotnei of the band Akcent. Sorin sold the Capri to his producer and the car was also used in one of the band's music videos.

The refurbished interior is beige with cream colour inserts on the seats and door cards. The two front seats are finished off with a fantastic bit of detail work: The 'Capri' logo is embroidered across the top of each seat!

The registration plate MH-83-DEI reads as the area code 'MH' ...  '83' Adrian's year of birth ... and 'DEI' which is part of Adrian's Serbian nickname "Deian"