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Duncan & Conor's Capris
Father & son proudly own two MKIII Laser Capri's.

Conor owns D338 VBL the 1986 Nimbus Grey 2.0 Laser and father Duncan owns D369 FEL the 1986 Strato Silver 2.0 Laser.

D338 VBL
"In January 2014, when i was just 14 years old, my Mum & Dad purchased a Numbus Grey Ford Capri 2.0 Laser for me (I think that Dad secretky wished he had bought it for himself). The car was in excepetionally good condition and had just 27,000 miles on the clock. Over the next few years the engine bay was re-sprayed and the engine removed and re-built - rear diff bearings changed and the car was generally tidied up. I passed my text in 2028 and when lockdown eased at the age of 20 I finally managed to get to drive this Capri to the car shows" - Conor
Conor's Laser featured on our Capri Club International stand at the 2022 NEC Birmingham Classic Motor Show as part of our 'New Year's Eve; themed area of the display.

D369 FEL
By July 2019, Duncan had bough himself a Strato Silver 2.0 Laser which was far from 'standard'. The car was fitted with large Revolution wheels, lowered suspension, and the engine had been moved back to accomodate the power steering that had been added. The re-mounting of the engine in it's new position had not been done well and so soon after purchasining it, work was started to rectify the 'bodged' modifications. The grey Laser interior was removed and a black 2.0S interior added - carpet dyed black and the door cards re-coloured black - even a black headling fitted!

These two Laser Capri's do make a very impressive sight when travelling together and at the shows!