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Jaggzy's MKII 3.0 Ghia
What a star this Capri is ... what a 'tart' ... this Capri is iconic and is seen in the motoring press and publications more times than Posh Spice is seen in 'OK Magazine' !

Owner 'Jaggzy' (Or Simon Jaggs as he is called on a Sunday) first saw an advert in the 'Auto Trader' that tempted him to go to Liverpool  and have look. He never wanted a MKII but once he saw this beauty, he just had to have it.

This MKII Capri has a long history. It was once owned by  'Warrior' from the TV series 'Gladiators'. In the '80's , this MKII was fitted with an 'RGA' styling kit. Along the way, the car was re-shelled using a 1600 MKIII body shell (Towing hook now removed !). The 3 litre mechanics and all the trim were transferred and restoration work on this Capri is amazing ... the detail work is un-believable !

Fitted with a stainless steel exahust, and now original style Ghia alloys this Capri has won many awards (especially with it's 'show grille' fitted !)

Best MKII Capri (Capri Club Show Evesham)

Capri Club stand (NEC 2007, 2006, 2005)

Classic Ford / RETRO FORD / Classic Car Weekly / Capri Club magazine feauture car

Meguiars stand (Classic motor Show NEC 2008)