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Luke's MKIII 'Special Edition' Nimbus Grey/Silver Capri
Pre 2023 ...

This Capri was in need of a lot of TLC when it was first bought. Luke and Paul made good progress bringing this honest 1600 back to the condition that it deserves to be in. Paul and Luke have done a lot of repairs and welding around the wheel arches and painted the bottom half of the car, including wheels and put a new stripe along the car. the sun roof has been repaired and even the grotty roof lining inside has been cleaned up and sprayed black. Fully serviced and cleaned-up - great to see this Capri back on the road!

January/February 2023 onwards ...
This MKIII has had a FULL strip-down and is currently being TOTALLY restored ... watch this space!

May 2023
Amazingly Luke got this Capri restored and finished ready for the classic car show at Thoresby in early May 2023

November 2023
What a roller-coaster-ride. By November 2023 this MKIII has black S-stripes fitted and was the centre-piece for our Capri Club International stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show - 'The Professionals' themed part of the stand and scored 100's of hits on Facebook over the show days.