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Steve's Silver Fox  MKI 1600L Auto Capri
This is the story of how Steve restored an abandoned 1970 Capri MKI 1600 Auto and put it back on the road with sheer determination and 1000+ hours of hard work in his own garage at home.

Steve purchased this MKI 06.03.16 for £3201.00 from a seller on ebay. The previous owner had the car since 01.06.97 and looks like he ran it until 30.11.99 (last tax dosc), he then stripped the car to a rolling shell and sent it to a friend's spray shop where it sat for the next 15 years! The paint shop closed but Steve managed to buy this MKI and transported it back home.

Steve began the re-build 15.04.16. Small amounts of rust in and around the wings and door posts were replaced with new metal. New sill extensions and headlamps surrounds were bought - everything else was fabricated by Steve. All of the inside of the car was covered with sound proofing and then the under-side treated to a Smooth Hammerite and then a Waxoyl finish.

The engine and gearbox were totally stripped and re-built by Steve. Fibreglass wings were fitted and then the body was transported to the paint shop for a full re-spray in the original Silver Fox colour.

It was then back to Steve's garage for the re-build including the newly re-built engine and gearbox, new carpet, lights, re-trimmed seats, electric fuel pump and a set of 70's Ally Cat wheels. To date, Steve has spent approx £8000.00 on the restoration and re-build including the purchase price and re-spray. In early 2023 Steve's Capri went back to the body-shop for work to rid it of blisters that had formed whilst sheeted and stored over the winter. Should be back to it's former glory for the 2023 show season!