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George & Karen's MKI Capris
These two MKI Capris are inseperable. The Capris were bought by George and Karen as a pair from Cannock after the previous owners (Roy and his wife) passed away. Karen now drives the 1974 Facelift Sebring Red 1600XL MKI and George drives the 1969 Mink Blue 1300XL (mega rare). These two Capris were alwayts stored and driven to shows together by the previous owners and that traditional still continues today with George & Karen. These Capris went to the Phoenix Car Club in Cannock - as many people continue to remind George and Karen.

George's 'G' reg MKI 1300XL was registered in June 1969 and so is one of THE very first Ford Capris to be built and registrered. The 48bhp engine is stock, showing approx 80,000miles and still runs a dynamo! The interior is stock - including the original LW/MW radio. The wheels have been tidied-up, engine dressed and it was recently treated to a full service and brakes over-haul. This MKI featured in the 2010 British film 'SOUL BOY' about a 17-year ol Joe McCain coming of age in 1974 amidst the Northern Soul scene. In the film, this car was owned by a drug dealer!

Karen's 'M' reg MKI 1600XL is stock - apart from the addition of a 5-speed gearbox.

"At the car shows, people remember the small engine Capri as a family-affordable car for shopping and holidays - unlike the bigger engine models.

As I tell everyone - it is what it is ... I'm only the custodian 'till the next owner - many years ahead I hope!"